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What our customers are saying

We use SKF bearings previously. Due to the long delivery and high cost, we had to try substitute suppliers. God know this and sent Nine Star Insulated bearing to 2012 Shanghai bearing fair. They seemed to be perfect for small electric motor factory like us. We have business cooperation since then, very nice. “

--- Mr Wei from a Wuxi Electric motor Factory.


“It is a pleasure to work with Nine Star Bearing staff. As a bearing distributor, we rely much on Nine Star Bearing. No doubt to say Nine Star Bearing is a great partner who supports us with their abandon stocking and special packaging, combined with good quality products and high level of service provided, makes Nine Star Bearing one of our most Valued suppliers!!”

--- Mr Wang from a Bearing Distributor in Guangzhou, China.


“We have been in cooperation with Nine Star bearing for 1 and a half years.

For insulated bearings, in fast delivery and competitive price, they are second to none in China. They also has quality guarantee, OEM service and willing to take our benefit into consideration. Good Job & Thumbs up!!”

--- Ms Ding from a Bearing Trading company in Shanghai, China.