Nine Star Brass cage deep groove ball bearing 6401M/C3:

Bearing code number 6401M/C3
Bearing type Deep groove ball bearing
Row type Single Row
Cage type Brass cage
Demensions 12x42x13mm
d 12mm
D 42mm
B 13mm
Service Neutral/OEM/As your request
Package Carton boxes /Wooden Cases /Pallets

1. Steel Cage Deep Groove Ball Bearing:
The retainer is most widely applied in the deep groove ball bearings, commonly used
in heavy machinery, metallurgy, mining, automotive, electrical instrumentation,
engineering machinery, and others. It’s advantages are low noise and flexible rotating.
However, it is not suitable for big vibration and high temperature.

2. Brass Cage Deep Groove Ball Bearing:
Such series cage could be subdivided into three types: M, MA, MB. M type structure
is guided by steel balls, it’s advantages are low noise, high speed, long life, small
friction coefficient, but is not suitable for strong impact and violent vibration. MA
is guided by outer ring. Its advantage is high speed, long life,   withstand higher
speed, environmental vibration and impact to bear ability is better than M type. Its
shortcomings are high the friction coefficient , big noise. MB structure is guided by
inner ring, its advantage is running good with low speed , strong stability. Faults are
big noise, high coefficient of friction, large vibration value. Therefore, MB retainer is
used less in recent. In all, brass solid retainer mutual advantages as following: high
temperature , rubbing resistant, reliable, long lifetime.

3. Bakelite Cage Deep Groove Ball Bearing:
The cage has high mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, anti-rust, heat
resistance and lubricity. Meanwhile, it possesses light-weight, strong-strength, and
other irreplaceable usages. It’s mainly applied in light load and low noise working
environment, such as air conditioning compressor, high performance pump ect.

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