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NINE STAR 6309M/C4VL0241 Insulated bearings:

Bearing code number 6309M/C4VL0241
Bearing type Deep groove ball bearing
Insulated type Inner ring or outer ring
Demensions 45x100x25mm
d 45mm
D 100mm
B 25mm
Service Neutral/OEM/As your request
Package Carton boxes /Wooden Cases /Pallets
Stock qty 18pcs

Dear Purchasing manager, it is my great pleasure to inform you that we still have 18pcs of

6309M/C4VL0241 bearing in stock at the moment. Please feel free to contact us though EMAIL

or SKYPE if you have request for  6309M/C4VL0241  bearings and we will spare no efforts to

satisfy your requirements by rendering you the superior quality, the most competitive prices,

premium service and any other specific need.

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